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Big Brother houseBig Brother 5 was won by Nadia.... now it's time for Big Brother 6!

One house, thirteen (unlucky for some!) housemates, one evil Big Brother!

The new Big Brother series started on 27th May and is set to run, and probably take over your life fthis summer.

Join in our discussions and gossip about the show in our Big Brother forums.

What is Big Brother?
You mean you don’t know? Where have you been???

Ok, just for you then………….Well it all started out pretty worthy really, 6 years ago now with Big Brother 1, a brave new concept and a daring social experiment, named after the all powerful Orwellian controller and over-seer ‘Big Brother’ (from the novel 1984).

Here was the deal, 10 fresh from the streets unknowns would be brought together to live in a made for TV studio/‘house’ surrounded by camera concealing mirrors, their every minute recorded for edited viewing by the general public on CH4 every night, with 24 hour live streaming available on the internet for ten whole weeks. So here it was for us to see, human interaction in motion, like David Attenborough …but with less well behaved wildlife.

The viewing public also got to play a part and decide the fate of the housemates and eventually decide who would win and walk off with £70,000 in their pocket. Their job to entertain, evoke strong feelings and win over the hearts and minds of the notoriously fickle viewing public. There were games and tasks to make their lives harder or easier, and, deprived of TV, radio, newspapers or any information from the outside world, they became their world. It was a noisy, chaotic and jaw dropping success.

Five years on, the concept is still the same although some of the details have been changed along the way, the rules twisted slightly and new elements added. Nowadays there are 13 housemates instead of 10 and it’s less of an ‘experiment’ and more of an ‘event’, it’s worthiness lost in the scramble for 15 minutes of fame and ratings. But still, for many Big Brother remains the Daddy of reality TV and is avidly anticipated, watched and discussed year after year by millions of people who know they should know better, but love it all the same!

So here we are with Big Brother 6, 13 new housemates, 1 new house, and 10 weeks of coverage.

Let the games commence!



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